Agreement for a research project development between FSI, Real Betis Academy and Kinexon.

Football Science Insitute (FSI), through its FSI Lab, is developing a joint research project with our partners Kinexon Sports & Media GmbH and Real Betis Balompié SAD. The project is coordinated by Bernardo Requena (Director of FSI Lab), Jose Asián (Head of Performance of Real Betis Balompié Academy) and René Pruessner (Head of Sport Science, Kinexon). The aim of this project is to obtain a better understanding of the physical and physiological demands in soccer in order to provide a better understanding of current training methods. Specifically, it is intended to provide knowledge that will help coaches to generate new training tasks more specific to the demands of competition.

The research project involves the participation of FSI students who are completing their internship at Real Betis Balompié as well as a group of professionals from the club itself. All of them are working together, coordinated by Jose Asián, for the implementation of the different experimental phases, the management of the data obtained and its subsequent analysis and communication. At FSI Lab we are very excited about this project with which we intend to generate new knowledge that will allow us to:

  • Know the mechanical and technical-tactical response of the young players of the Real Betis Balompié academy during official matches and in different competitive contexts created by coaches and physical trainers.
  • Analyze the daily activity of the main professional teams of the academy to determine the achievement of the objectives set by the different technical bodies, areas of the club and youth academy management.
  • Create and establish methodological resources that facilitate the manipulation of the physical demands of training tasks.
  • Design training sessions suitable for each training stage of the Real Betis Balompié youth team.
  • Generate scientific and innovative knowledge related to soccer training that allows the youth coaches to expand their knowledge and training.
  • The results we obtain will appear in future blog entries.


    Bernardo Requena

    FSI LAB Director