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20th September, 2021


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Hello friends!
My name is Victor Mañas and I am a Professional Football Analyst with more than 15 years of experience in the field of professional football.
I have worked as a strength and conditioning coach and as an assistant coach for La Liga clubs such as Polideportivo Ejido, Lorca Deportiva, and Deportivo Alavés. Since 2007, I have been part of the Unai Emery coaching staff, where I combined my work as a physical trainer with my debut as an analyst.
Then, I worked together with Unai on Sevilla FC, PSG, Arsenal and now, Villarreal CF.
This FSI course titled “Specialist in Tactical Analysis” is aimed at soccer coaches who are motivated to learn and to enrich their experience in continuous learning and improvement.
It is also aimed at football technicians who want to get started in the world of analysis or for those who are already working as tactical analysts and want to know, first-hand, the methods and workflows used by highly qualified professionals.
All of the teachers in this program are professionals working in the best clubs around the world, as well as excellent people. They will share with you their value as humans as well as their theoretical knowledge and above all, their empirical knowledge: Science and Experience all in one -- stimulating!
In football today, the tactical analyst, in any of its forms, is in high demand. The “need” has been created and clubs devote significant resources to creating structures around analysis to add value to the everyday workflows of their technical teams.
With this course, you will acquire the necessary technical and personal skills to be able to work with one of these clubs. “You can achieve your dreams by learning with FSI!".

Víctor Mañas

Program Director

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Characteristics of the Course

What you'll learn?

1. Introduction to Game Analysis

2. Game Analysis Fundamentals

3. Current Technology I

4. Current Technology II

5. Introduction to data science. Big Data

6. Workflows: Organization and Treatment of Information. Report templates

7. Work Flows. The use of the Information in the weekly work structure. Task Design I

8. Work Flows. The use of the Information in the weekly work structure. Task Design II

9. Work Flows. The use of the Information in the weekly work structure. Task Design III

10. Workflows: Presentation of information to the coach and the player

11. The design of the Observation Sheets. Tagging

12. Game Analysis. Dimensions: Subjective Analysis (video analysis) and Objective Analysis (Data) I

13. Game Analysis. Dimensions: Subjective Analysis (video analysis) and Objective Analysis (Data) II

14. Collective Analysis of Own Team

15. Collective Analysis of the Rival Team

16. Own / Rival Team Analysis from the Data Perspective

17. Live Analysis I

18. Live Analysis II

19. Individual Analysis of Own Team

20. Rival Team Individual Analysis

21. Goalkeeper I Analysis

22. Goalkeeper II Analysis

23. Data Analytics Applied to Football

24. Football metric modeling

25. Analysis of the Physical Data from the Interpretation of the Game

26. Defensive Set Ball Analysis I

27. Defensive Set Ball Analysis II

28. Offensive Set Ball Analysis I

29. Offensive Set Ball Analysis II

30. The great forgotten of analysis and training: The Throw-in

31. The counterattack in 1st wave

32. Training Analysis

Who you'll learn from?

FSI Educational partners

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    FSI has its own student admission system. This is an admission system in which the training advisor previously validates the enrollment application. All students must meet the admission requirements to be admitted into the different courses.

    Accredited by the FSI faculty

    The FSI Diploma is a empowering certification with a demanding evaluation system, a comprehensive competency framework and the support of a solid Faculty of professors, representing a prestigious accreditation to work in professional football.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Football Science Institute?

    Football Science Institute (FSI) is a global platform of professionals, academics and experts dedicated to promoting the sport science for football development. FSI is also an online resource offering educational courses and scientific and practical content for those professionals or students interested in sports science and football performance.

    FSI’s mission is the continuous updating and diffusion of the scientific knowledge applied to the football player’s performance and health. FSI represents, gives support and emphasizes the importance of the applied sport science in the football teams’ sport results and in the sport’s continuous improvement.

    In which countries are the FSI training programmes available?

    From FSI we offer training programmes at a global level. You can have access to our masters and courses from any place around the world, as long as you have access to Internet connection.

    Can I enrol in more than one FSI program at a time?

    Yes, you can enrol in as many programs as you like at the same time.

    Can I enrol in a program before it is open?

    You can enrol in any program once the enrollment period is open. For more information about the programme before this date, you may register your interest in this course on our website and we will send you the updated information.

    Course Modality

    All the FSI courses are 100% online, with 24/7 access to video classes which are structured within modules.

    Do I need any educational background to enrol in any of the FSI programs?

    The FSI team will take into account each one of the enrollment applications received for the different program.

    Since FSI is an online platform for higher education to obtain professional qualifications, certain academic requirements must be met in order to enroll in the Master’s programme: CV to be reviewed by the FSI Academic Department.

    Which languages are the FSI programs taught in?

    Each course or module within an FSI programme is taught by a different teacher. The lessons are either in english or in spanish, which allows the student to choose the language preferred. The videos that are recorded in English have Spanish subtitles, and vice versa.

    Is there any agreement between FSI and any public university?

    FSI is a private school of Football Science that certifies its courses through the support of its prestigious Faculty of FSI. The FSI courses have the direct objective of providing the student with immediate work skills in the international world of professional football, and not only for academic career purposes. However, we are working with several international universities interested in recognizing FSI certified studies as a basis for their university degrees.

    Do I get any certificate once I have completed the courses?

    Once the student has completed any of the courses offered by FSI, and has completed the requirements, they will receive a certificate containing a security code, with which the validity of the certificate can be verified. You will also be able to download your certificate from your personal FSI account.

    Are there any internships included in the FSI programs?

    The FSI masters and courses do not include a mandatory internship program in the curriculum for obtaining the Diploma. However, students who want to learn practically within a professional football club structure have the opportunity of applying for the Internships Calls that FSI periodically launches through its Membership program and in coordination with its Partner Football Clubs. This internships suppose a real opportunity for the students to be integrated in the daily work structure of a high level football team, providing a strong practical experience and an interesting entrance door to the world of professional football.

    How may I contact FSI’s team?

    You may contact with the FSI’s team using the chat on our website or by the following email address: info@fsi.training

    Who are the Faculty members at FSI?

    FSI’s Faculty is composed of world-class academics, scientists and football professionals. This combination of academic and professional profiles allows the FSI to offer advanced and practical knowledge on football.

    The scientific production of the FSI Faculty members reaches more than 2,500 articles on specialized scientific/technical journals, with an average h index of 15 to 40.

    The FSI Faculty members are among the most recognized opinion leaders in football science and performance, with a high presence in congresses as well as in specialized meetings, and a large number of followers in social networks.
    If you want to learn more about the FSI Faculty members, you may visit the "Faculty" section on our website.



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