FSI Football Science Update

Preseason Eccentric Strength is Not Associated with Hamstring Strain Injury: A Prospective Study in Collegiate Athletes


Wille CM, Stiffler-Joachim MR, Kliethermes SA, Sanfilippo JL, Tanaka CS, Heiderscheit BC.



This study in 326 collegiate athletes (85 female; 30 track, 43 basketball, 160 American football, 93 soccer) found no relationship between eccentric hamstring strength measured at preseason and subsequent Hamstrings Strain Injury HSI over the next 12 months after adjusting for confounders including sex, age, and prior HSI. Eccentric hamstring strengthening may continue to serve as a preventative approach to HSI, but it does not provide additional insight into HSI risk beyond factors such as age and prior HSI.



A systematic review of surgical intervention in the treatment of hamstring tendon ruptures: current evidence on the impact on patient outcomes


Jokela A, Stenroos A, Kosola J, Valle X, Lempainen L.


Ann Med. 2022 Dec;54(1):978-988. doi: 10.1080/07853890.2022.2059560.


This review article analyses the outcomes of surgical treatment of hamstring tendons ruptures. The present study confirms the previous knowledge that surgical treatment of hamstring tendon injuries causes good results with high satisfaction rates, both in complete and partial avulsions. Early surgical repair leads to better functional results with lower complication rates, especially in complete avulsions.