Jean B. Morin

Jean-Benoît Morin is Professor of the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France), and a member of the Laboratory of Human Motricity, Sports Education and Health (LAMHESS). He obtained a Doctorate in Human Motricity in 2004 at the University of Saint-Etienne (France), co-supervised with the University of Udine in Italy, and a Certificate of Sports Educator in Athletics.
His research seeks to improve the analysis of human locomotion and athletic performance, including the development and validation of theoretical models and methods that can be used in real-life practice. His activity currently includes collaborations with international sports structures in France (French clubs and federations of athletics, rugby, volleyball, INSEP), and abroad (England, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, USA) UU.), In relation to the jump and the performance in the sprint. His research has also allowed the development and validation of smartphone applications for an accurate performance analysis, with the aim of applying theoretical models and previous objectives to larger populations of athletes.

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29th July, 2020

14 Months


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