Football Science Institute and The Swedish FA (SvFF) reach partnership agreement

Football Science Institute and Swedish FA have reached an agreement with the objective to enhance and develop the quality of education for both parties within the realm of sports science application to football performance.

“During the development of the upcoming football fitness education, we have done a thorough global educational analysis in order to create the best possible education for our coaches. We see a huge advantage of networking with highly regarded educational parties like FSI within this field in order to improve each other’s environment. The collaboration with FSI facilitates a cutting edge within football fitness and hereby creating even better education for our coaches and players. – “Johan Svensson, FA Coach Educator, Football Fitness SvFF”

Football Science Institute originated in Granada, Spain, is an international education company founded by Bernardo Requena and Jesus Olmo, specialized within high-level football technical and scientific knowledge. The company has gathered a vast network of international specialists from all around the world to currently offer digital education in football fitness, nutrition, and injury rehabilitation, and have plans to cover technical, tactical, and every professional aspect of football in the near future. FSI’s mission is to constantly update and disseminate scientific knowledge applied to the performance of the Player and the success of the Team. FSI represents, supports, and emphasizes the importance of applied football sports science to the search for empirical results in the development of the Football Clubs and in the progress of this sport.

“We are very excited to support the Swedish Football Association in their coach and players education. We look forward to being a part of Swedish football development and specifically how we together can develop each other within football fitness. – Gonzalo Perez, Chief Operating Officer, Football Science Institute.”

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