Football Science Institute (FSI) Promotes Knowledge Exchange Between SK Slavia Prague and Real Betis Balompié

Filip Hrdlicka, Academy Head of Medical Services at SK Slavia Prague, embarked on a visit to Real Betis Balompié as part of a joint initiative organized by the Football Science Institute (FSI). The visit facilitated a fruitful exchange of knowledge between the members of both clubs associated with FSI.

Filip Hrdlicka, student of the FSI Master Football Strength & Conditioning Coach program, played a significant role in fostering closer ties between the partnering clubs during his visit to Real Betis Balompié. He had the invaluable opportunity to closely observe the club’s training methodology and state-of-the-art facilities.

FSI takes pride in promoting applied sciences in football and supporting such visits that encourage mutual learning among associated clubs. These experiences are instrumental in sharing knowledge and methodologies among professionals from elite clubs.

Pablo Arrans, Assistant Manager at FSI, accompanied Filip during the visit, stating, “FSI is proud to facilitate such encounters between partner clubs, fostering the exchange of experiences and knowledge. We firmly believe that these initiatives enhance the daily practices of professionals, ultimately benefiting the quality and performance of the clubs.”

Filip expressed his gratitude to FSI, saying, “I want to thank FSI for enabling this visit to Real Betis Balompié. It has been a remarkable experience to exchange knowledge with their staff and witness firsthand the club’s methodology, facilities, and work. We are thrilled to be part of the FSI community and participate in these enriching initiatives.”

The encounter between Slavia Prague and Real Betis Balompié exemplifies the genuine synergy among FSI-associated clubs, all of whom relentlessly pursue the improvement of their practices and methodologies to achieve peak sporting performance.

The Football Science Institute will continue to promote such initiatives, further strengthening the bonds between associated clubs and providing unique opportunities for growth and development in the realm of football.