Football Science Institute Joins the Chilean Soccer League Thanks to the Historic Club Colo Colo

The Colo-Colo Sports and Social Club from Santiago de Chile and FSI close on an educational cooperation agreement through which both institutions will collaborate in joint actions of training, marketing, and internship programs for students certified by FSI.

The historic Club Colo-Colo participates in Chilean football’s highest category and is the only club in the country that has played in all editions of the First Division since its creation.

Based on this agreement, FSI will provide training to the Club’s professionals in the online training programs launched in 2021, helping to improve their daily practical work. In addition, FSI will offer the possibility of developing a research project tailored to the Club.

In consequence, the Club will include students certified by FSI in an internship program in Chile, which will entail carrying out quarterly or semesterly internships at the Club, promoting job placement among professionals accredited by FSI and the Club.