Football Science Institute joins the VCF Innovation Hub as an Academy Partner.

“The global platform of professionals, teachers and experts dedicated to the promotion of Sports Science for the development of soccer has signed a collaboration agreement with the club. Thanks to this agreement, the technicians of the Academy will jointly develop a scientific research project, so that the professionals of the Club can update their knowledge and improve their daily practice.”

Valencia CF has reached an agreement with Football Science Institute, a leading online education platform dedicated to the study of sports science, and in particular soccer, to join the VCF Innovation Hub as an Academy Partner.

This alliance means that several members of the Valencia CF Academy staff will have access to the Masters courses offered by FSI. In this way, the club wants to continue promoting continuous training so that coaches have the best resources at their disposal and can network with sports science researchers and scientists who belong to the FSI Faculty.

FSI’s mission is to constantly update and disseminate scientific knowledge applied to the player’s performance and the team’s success. FSI represents, supports and enhances the importance of sciences applied to soccer to achieve empirical results in the development of Football Clubs and in the progress of this sport, to which thanks to this agreement Paterna’s technicians will also have access.

Meanwhile, the CEO and founder of the Football Science Institute, Bernardo Requena Sánchez, declared after signing the agreement that “collaborating with Valencia CF is a great pleasure, as it is one of the largest clubs in Spain. We are proud to be able to contribute to increasing the knowledge and tools of their team”.

The agreement between FSI and Valencia CF will allow establishing an alliance in order to provide the Club with an academic-scientific structure of Sports Science applied to soccer, providing the professionals of the Club with the opportunity to update their knowledge and improve their daily practice.

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