FSI new partnership agreement with CD Leganés

CD Leganés and the Football Science Institute have reached a strategic agreement to generate and coordinate activities between both institutions.

In terms of training and education, the agreement represents an important step forward in the future of both entities, a professional alliance with the aim of offering the Club an academic-scientific structure of Sports Science applied to football.

Thanks to this agreement, the Club’s professionals will have access to the Masters offered by FSI. In this way, the club wants to continue promoting the training of its coaches by making available the best resources and the possibility of networking with researchers and sport science experts from the Faculty of FSI, which will lead to a continuous updating of knowledge and improvements in daily practice.

The mission of FSI, the global platform of professionals, professors and experts for football development, is to constantly update and disseminate scientific knowledge applied to player performance and team success. FSI represents, supports and enhances the importance of applied football science to achieve empirical results.

In addition, students enrolled at FSI will be able to apply for voluntary training internships at the Club, thus cooperating to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary training that will contribute to complete the educational background of students by providing an insider’s view of current best practices in frontline teams.

This cooperation is developed within the framework of the studies that the student is taking at FSI, developing a research project as an end-of-programme project, with the Club establishing the practical teaching plan, guiding, supervising and evaluating by means of official reports.

FSI will be further strengthened through this partnership by the generation of information and publications of a scientific-practical nature aimed at the international professional football community that will showcase the collaboration between the Club and FSI.