FSI Student Arthur Planchenault Excels in Greek League and Greek Cup During Internship with AEK Athens

Arthur Planchenault, a dedicated student of the FSI Master Football Nutritionist, recently completed an internship with the first team of AEK Athens, which resulted in remarkable achievements for both the club and Arthur himself.

Arthur’s passion for football and his desire to deepen his expertise in nutrition applied to the sport led him to pursue specialized training at the renowned Football Science Institute (FSI).

Having gained valuable experience working with professional clubs in Asia, Arthur seized the opportunity to further his understanding of elite European football through FSI’s internship programs. He chose to intern with AEK Athens, one of FSI’s partner clubs, in order to immerse himself in the world of European football and broaden his skill set.

During his internship, Arthur contributed as a nutritionist and assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, utilizing his prior training in these areas. His dedication and expertise proved instrumental in AEK Athens’ successes, as the club clinched both the League and the Greek Cup titles during his time there.

Arthur’s accomplishments hold great significance, as he becomes the first FSI student to achieve such notable milestones during the internship period. FSI takes pride in the growth and achievements of its students, and the success stories like Arthur’s serve as a testament to the effectiveness of their training programs.

FSI is dedicated to empowering aspiring professionals in the field of football nutrition, providing them with the knowledge and opportunities to make valuable contributions to partner clubs. Arthur’s achievements exemplify the positive impact FSI students can have on the growth and success of elite football organizations.