FSI Student got hired by RC Celta de Vigo after completing his Internship

FSI is pleased to announce that a new FSI graduate student has been hired to work at a professional football club. Pablo Fernandez Lorenzo, FSI’s graduate Football Strength and Conditioning Coach student has been hired by Real Club Celta de Vigo after completing his internship at the club.



Pablo joins the growing list of FSI students who have joined the professional structure of FSI’s partner football clubs after completing their internships. We at the Football Science Institute are extremely proud to see how our students are able to show their level of training and ability, which has led to them being hired as club staff on numerous occasions.

“It is the opportunity that you are always waiting for” says Pablo Fernández when being asked about how he felt when the club offered him a contract to stay after completing his internship.

FSI’s internship program is proving to be a great success within our students, who are currently enjoying the opportunity to complete internships at over 25 professional clubs in more than 10 countries around the world.

We congratulate Pablo on this new challenge in his career and we strongly encourage new FSI students to take part in our internship program!

Check out our current internships available at: https://fsi.training/students/