FSI visits its hired student Haris Apostolidis

The Football Science Institute (FSI) recently paid a visit to their student Haris Apostolidis, who successfully completed his internship at Cercle Brugge and was subsequently hired by the club. One year after his recruitment, Haris now serves as the Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Coach for the U-23 team.

Haris Apostolidis, a graduate of the FSI Master Football Strength and Conditioning Coach, has showcased his worth on both the field and in the gym. During his time at Cercle Brugge, he was able to apply the knowledge and skills he acquired at FSI, which ultimately led to securing a position within the Belgian club.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity provided, Haris highlighted that the internship proved to be an enriching experience for his professional development. It was an invaluable moment for him to blend the theoretical teachings from FSI with real-world practice at an elite club.

According to the latest data, Cercle Brugge leads in high-speed running distance (HSR) and ranks 4th in sprint distance per match among all clubs in the top 5 leagues, including Belgium. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the club’s commitment to physical performance and the expertise of its professional team.

Haris’s expertise in physical preparation and player development has contributed to grooming the club’s young players for the demands of the first team.

The Football Science Institute takes pride in the growth of its students and their integration into elite clubs through the internship program’s development.