Institutional visit: Football Science Institute and Cádiz CF team up to enhance football science and sports education


Football Science Institute (FSI) has announced a new educational cooperation agreement with Cádiz CF, a Spanish First Division club founded in 1910. The partnership represents a significant collaboration in the world of football that aims to promote excellence in sports science and soccer education.

As part of the agreement, FSI will provide its academic-scientific structure to the club. The club’s professionals will have access to FSI’s online training programs in the areas of medicine, physiotherapy, coaching, and nutrition. Both institutions will also collaborate in the development of joint research projects aimed at improving daily practice, while promoting knowledge in the world of football.

One of the key assets of the agreement is the research line, which provides resources and means for the development of interventions and research to enhance the performance of the club’s different teams. The partnership will also benefit FSI students, as they will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience guided and supervised by the club’s professional staff, promoting employability and networking for FSI-accredited professionals.


Borja Lasso, Sporting Director of Cádiz CF, believes that this collaboration with FSI will help the club’s professionals develop and grow in their respective areas. He also noted that the agreement was an excellent opportunity for the club to advance in its sporting and educational fields.

Bernardo Requena, Co-Founder of FSI, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Cádiz CF.


The collaboration between FSI and Cádiz CF promises to have a positive impact on the performance of the club and the professional development of its staff and players.

Overall, the agreement highlights FSI’s commitment to excellence in sports science and soccer education, and represents a significant step forward in advancing soccer education and sports science worldwide.