New agreement between the Football Science Institute and Portugal’s Sporting Club de Braga

The historic club Sporting de Braga and the Football Science Institute have reached an academic collaboration agreement to generate and coordinate activities between both institutions.

Sporting de Braga is one of the most important clubs in the country and has a track record of participation in the main European competitions such as the UEFA League and the Champions League.

In terms of training and education, this agreement represents an important fortification of this powerful academy which is internationally valued for its quality in their daily practice work based on Sports Sciences applied to football.

Thanks to this agreement, FSI continues to increase their repertoire of new educational partners with football teams from major leagues around the world.

FSI encourages its enrolled students to apply for voluntary training practices at the Club, getting a privileged opportunity in the field of online training, and being able to complete their academic training with a practical experience in one of the first-line football teams that make up the exclusive educational partners of the international community of professionals of the Football Science Institute.

For their part, the Club’s professionals will complement their training with the official FSI Master’s degrees, making available the best resources and the possibility of networking with researchers and experts in sport science from the FSI Faculty, which will promote continuously updating their knowledge and making improvements to their daily practice.