New Partnership: Football Science Institute – PSV Eindhoven


Football Science Institute (FSI) is delighted to announce the signing of an educational alliance with PSV Eindhoven to promote excellence in sport science in football through education, scientific collaborations, and internships.

PSV is a well-known team in the Dutch league and in world football, as the club has played uninterrupted at the highest level since 1926. Their list of honors includes 24 Leagues, 13 Super Cups, 10 Dutch Cups, 1 European Cup, and 1 UEFA Cup.

PSV is also known for its commitment to developing young talent, with a strong focus on youth development and player scouting. The club has a well-respected academy system that has produced numerous players who have gone on to play for top European clubs.

As part of the agreement, FSI will provide its academic-scientific structure to assist PSV’s professionals to complement their daily practices with academic learning to improve their skills and knowledge. In addition, postgraduate students from FSI will have the opportunity to perform professional internships at PSV, with guidance and follow-up from the team’s staff.

“We are thrilled to partner with PSV Eindhoven, one of Europe’s most renowned football clubs. The collaboration between both institutions promises to have a positive impact on the performance of the club and the professional development of its staff and players.” Says Bernardo Requena, FSI co-founder.

From PSV, they reflect their excitement in this partnership with FSI to help club professionals broaden their knowledge through academic programs and scientific collaborations, being an alliance that will significantly contribute to achieving excellence in football.

“PSV is excited to start this collaboration with FSI and its group of renowned experts. We are looking forward to develop our staff through the courses and explore further possibilities to collaborate. In addition, FSI postgraduate students will have the opportunity to perform professional internships at PSV. Both parties are excited about this partnership and its potential to contribute to achieving excellence in football and advancing soccer education and sports science worldwide.” Says Ruud van Elk, Head of Sport Science & Analytics PSV.