José Naranjo

Meet him

Currently: Professor of Exercise Physiology at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Spain)

2011-2014: Head of medical services of Sevilla FC

2014-2015: External consultant of Real Betis SAD

2015-2016: Physician of the Spanish women’s national Futsal team

1997-2002: Director of the department of sports medicine and health of the Andalusian Football Federation

1997-2010: Director of the exercise physiology laboratory at Andalusian Center of Sports Medicine

Participation in one UEFA Europa League (2014 Champion with Sevilla FC)

Sports Doctor:

  1999: World Championships in Athletics

  2002: Rowing and Kayacking

  2015: Futsal

 He is a regular professor in undergraduate and graduate courses, and national and international conferences

Research papers: He has 11 books and chapters published on exercise physiology. His research activity focuses on physiological responses and adaptations to exercise, where he emphasizes above all his extensive knowledge about heart rate variability

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