The FSI Conference 2021: Igor Jukic

Preparation for training and matches usually starts with the regular team warm-up, consisting of 10-30’ of generic/specific directed-to-team preparation, but the ‘one-fits-all’ approach may not be enough for individual preparation. The 360º individual pre-formance strategy (360PRE) is a strategy designed to protect the body, provoke the mind, and prepare the player for movement. Given its positive acute effects in temperature, metabolic, neural, and mental fitness and health, if 360PRE is implemented throughout the season (200 training days x 30’ per session), players can achieve as many as 100 pre-formance hours/year, which will have a huge influence on chronic adaptations.

However, the 360PRE is more than only physical and strength training. It is characterized by a holistic monitoring of the biological status of the player, medical supervision, physio treatment, mental and technico-tactical training, and exercise and nutrition. The first step to designing a 360PRE is knowing the multidimensional profile of the player (history, status, goals, and context).

Then, it’s designing an interdisciplinary approach with different staff members to finally organise players, establish channels of effective communication, and manage data. To include these strategies, practitioners should consider both the timeline organization of every component (nutrition, exercise, etc.) to fulfil their individual needs based on what happened before (previous training/matches, ACWR) and after (next matches) the 360PRE sessions but also during the microcycle, to make the most of it in the long-term.

Question: What is the best 360º approach before a game and when and how do we implement it? Pre-formance before the game has some specificities, mainly related to space and equipment available and travel accommodations. During travel, players can start with 360PRE and continue at the hotel and on the field. Two important gaps to address in 360PRE for the game: (1) 6-7 min before the pre-game warm-up, and (2) between warm-up and kick-off.

Key words: pre-formance, holistic preparation, high-performance system, sport performance.