Top Experts Share Valuable Insights on Injury Prevention in Football at Football Science Institute Webinar

The Football Science Institute recently hosted a highly successful webinar on injury prevention in football, featuring top experts in the field. The webinar was held on February 21st and attracted a large audience of football coaches, trainers, and players from around the world.

The event featured four renowned speakers who are FSI Lecturers in our master courses, including Alberto Méndez-Villanueva, Head of Fitness at the Qatar National Team, Jesús Olmo, former Doctor at Real Madrid, Luka Milanovic, Head of Strength and Conditioning at the Croatia National Team, and Adolfo Muñoz, Head of Medical & Performance at RCD Mallorca.

During the webinar, each speaker shared their unique perspectives and experiences on various topics related to injury prevention in football. These included individual non-modifiable factors, individual biomechanical deficiencies, physical condition, load management, fatigue, control of external conditions, and football exposure.

Attendees gained valuable insights from each speaker, as they discussed the latest science-based approaches to injury prevention. Alberto Méndez-Villanueva shared his thoughts on how physical condition and load management can be effectively managed to prevent injuries. Jesús Olmo provided an in-depth analysis of individual biomechanical deficiencies and how they can be addressed to prevent injuries. Luka Milanovic focused on the significance of physical condition and load management in injury prevention. Adolfo Muñoz provided valuable insights on controlling external conditions and managing fatigue.

The Football Science Institute is committed to promoting science-based approaches to football training and performance. The webinar on injury prevention is an example of the Institute’s dedication to advancing the field of sports science and improving the health and well-being of football players worldwide.

By hosting this informative webinar, the Football Science Institute has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the field of sports science and providing valuable resources to football coaches, trainers, and players worldwide. With insights from top experts in the field, attendees gained valuable knowledge on injury prevention, helping to improve the health and well-being of football players everywhere.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry – you can watch it here:

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