New partnership agreement between the Football Science Institute and Boavista FC

The Boavista F.C. and the Football Science Institute sign a strategic agreement of sport scientific collaboration to generate and coordinate activities between both institutions.

With this agreement, Boavista Futebol Clube and FSI, the global platform of professionals, teachers, and experts for the development of football, enhance their joint objective of promoting excellence in sports science education applied to this sport.

In terms of training and education, this agreement is an important step in the framework of scientific research in sport, allowing the professionals of the Club to update their knowledge and improve their daily practice.

For its part, the FSI community members will be even more strengthened by this alliance due to the creation of information and publications of scientific-practical nature addressed to the international community of professional football that will show the collaboration between the Club and FSI.

Students enrolled at FSI may apply for a voluntary training internship at the Club, thus cooperating to offer a comprehensive and interdisciplinary practical education that will provide an insider’s view of current best practices in top teams.

FSI will collaborate with Boavista LAB, which is a multidisciplinary space whose key element is the empowerment of players, both in the main squad and in youth football, taking into account the development of their physical qualities, maximizing the participation rate in sports activities, and reducing the risk of injury associated with the sporting discipline.

Boavista intends for all age groups in youth football to have a strategic plan outlined, developing them athletically over the long term and bringing current science to sports practice. The project was conceived, created, and executed by the team manager of the main squad, Miguel Cid, together with the physiologist, Paulo Santos, and more recently with the collaboration of Professor Fábio Nakamura.